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Some steps are simple, yet others are treacherous.  Worse yet, taking that elusive next step in business can be scary as hell. Don't go alone. Together, we can do this.

We’re Hidden Step Marketing, and at the root, our passion is people, business, and your opportunity.  We'd love to hear your story, ambitions, and obstacles holding you back. Together, we can find the next steps to success.  Our experience is steeped in bridging manufacturer's with the right distribution partners in the building material and real estate industry.  If you find yourself asking "how do we take the next step, find your next distributor, hire sales teams, or even work closer with your customers" please contact us to discuss how Hidden Step Marketing can help your business thrive.

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Fearless Do-ers

Hidden Step Marketing was a dream and ambition that started in 1996 as a college graduate who foolishly thought knowledge and wisdom were one of the same. 24 years of fighting headwinds and riding tailwinds has taught us much. We've fought for market share, raw materials, brand position, technology, shareholders, and customers during a catastrophic and hyper growth two decades. What we have learned during these times isn't just the constant of change, but the constant of small business and invention.  Inventions that a contractor creates to solve a crisis for his client or his co-worker or herself.  An invention that saves countless work hours, or takes days out of a sales process that is otherwise littered with bias.  Inventions that thousands of similarly employed professionals could benefit from.  If only they knew someone who could share a vision or even make it brighter. For 24 years we have learned, watched, failed, and won - all by doing. Books and theories are wonderful, but doing is doing.  Doing the work on job sites, online, in factories and warehouses, even out of the back of our cars.  For 24 years we have fought to tell the story, find a connection, partner with a distributor... to help another person solve a problem that we feel strong enough about to ask for their time. We are about doing. Doing to help more great products, ideas and businesses find the next step to tell their story to an elevated audience whether it is your first step or one of many. Help shape our next 24 years, by telling us your story and together we'll find and take that elusive hidden step.

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